VrpCalc - Freeware vehicle routing software

If you need to plan,optimize and shedule goods delivery to customers with respect to weight of cargo for each customer , vehicle capacity and time requirements , this program can help you.

Program can handle several identical vehicles for serving required number of customers. It plans route for each vehicle with respect to vehicle capacity, weight, speed and time requirements for visiting choosen locations and tries to optimize total ton kilometrage for all vehicles.

First of all you must describe your area - define points(locations) in your area (city,country - what is applicable to you).And you must also define distances between this points. Distances may be different there and back,to handle unilateral streets, detours, etc. This must be done once.

Then , to plan routes , user choose points in wich customers are located,and number of vehicles to serve them.

For each customer location user defines weigth of cargo to deliver to this point,delay in this point (for unload operation at example) and preffered time window for visiting customer. Vehicle capacity,average speed,and own weight must also be defined.

After all, user starts program.Then :

  1. Program defines shortest paths between given points.
  2. Performs optimization by genetic algorithm of total ton kilometrage for all vehicles using above mentioned criteria. Program sequentially restarts algorithm, to be sure that we do not accidentally find a local minimum and to improve solution.The best found solution is stored and when you stop the program it will be considered as result.
  3. When user stops optimization (it can be done by user at any moment) program write results into text file solution.txt in the same directory where program is itself, and tries to open it with your default text editor.You can view example of results.

There is another program VrpPd - This is much more advanced and universal vehicle routing software,if you interesting , you can take a look.